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Discover the creative new ways to Go Green as never before!

Go Green Certified Energy Consultants Association (GGCEC) works with Builders, Developers, Architects and Home Improvement Companies to help them achieve the highest standards in fuel savings, Energy Star inspections, rebate assistance, and Federal tax credit certification through one source. By leveraging local, utility and Federal incentives, companies can create homes that are more profitable, sell faster, provide added value through reduced cost of ownership and fuel savings; ultimately helping our country toward achieving energy independence.

The Go Green Certified Energy Consultant Association trains, certifies, and has mastered the art of energy efficiency and home performance issues in existing homes. They have been gathering data on which efficiency measures offer the best value in the real world. But the most important value of a GGCEC Accredited Member may be in their understanding of how a home works. They look at the home as a system and conduct mechanical, thermal imaging, infrared, and other cutting edge testing. They will make recommendations on their findings and counsel the home owner. A good GGCEC will provide an Energy Analysis that will be detailed and reliable. You then have the option of having some or all of the recommendations done by GGCEC Accredited Members.

Energy Audits are wise, practical, and necessary if a homeowner is interested in the health and energy efficiency of their home.

To become a Go Green Certified Energy Consultant Approved Member, Companies and consultants alike must undergo extensive training and testing. Training entails standards that surpass Federal and state regulations, Energy Star, and cutting edge testing techniques on an annual basis.

Go Green Certified Energy Consultant Approved Members that have been awarded with the prestigious GGCEC Award have exemplified outstanding and superior standards. This is achieved by submitting fuel, electric and gas bills of the home owner from the previous calendar year before home improvement projects are completed to GGCEC Association. The following year after improvements have been made, GGCEC Approved Members will submit fuel, electric and gas bills one year post improvements per the home owner. Energy savings must exceed 49% or greater to qualify. GGCEC Approved Members must complete a total of 75 Homes per year to become eligible for the GGCEC Award.